Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it me, or is the AG "blogosphere" getting a little sleepy?

Seems like hardly anyone is posting anymore! I'm trying to keep my blog updated, but nothing really is going on. I'm going to try to get some new photos soon.



  1. I'm definitely still here, Avery!


  2. yeah, i'm still here also! p.s. i love your blog!

    ~pioneerfan04 AG doll gang from

  3. Yes it is! Let's all keep blogging! I just updated and I always do lots. But if nobody is going to do it anymore, I might have to stop! I really hope everyone keeps going!! Update people, update! Sorry Kind of Hyper.


  4. Salut Avery, c'est Nathalie, l'amie de Sophie. I just wanted to say that, although Sophie does try to read your blog, she's not posting in hers because she's traveling and doesn't like to post without a picture or two. I'd post her blog myself, but I just don't feel right posting in a blog that's not mine. ;)


  5. I haven't updayed because I have no good pics :( at the mo, I think everyone is busy with all the stuff that happens near the end of the year (can you believe I'm at school till July 17th? So unfair!) and they will update more during summer. Lots of blogs update more though!

  6. Hi Avery, I'm Kathryn *Kit* posting. She's out traveling now. Harriet said she was going to start posting but she got busy as family members came to visit. But we're still here and we'll keep in touch.

    - Kit

  7. Hi Avery! I'm still alive here. Our internet hasn't been working for a week or so, so that's why we've been so silent.

    And we're also having a great time with Haley. :D

  8. Hey, Avery! I love your signature! It's so colorful! :)
    And I like the new music you've added. I love Harry Potter, so I was happy to hear Hedwig's Theme! =]
    The AG blogsphere does feel a little weird; now that Mari Luna's gone, it feels like there's no one to look up to. But that's not true, there's you! And lots of other people!
    Yeah, nothing much has been going on here either, so I haven't posted in a few days...
    Are you still doing ADD? I hope so, because I really want to see it! :)



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