Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pluie (Rain)

Right in the beginning of summer vacation, a huge storm hits us! Isn't summer supposed to be warm and sunny, and things like that? There has been a thunder storm warning, so everyone has to stay inside. It has been pouring all day long. Plus, it is very windy. So, since we had to stay inside, Ivy and I decided that we would make the best of it and get together to play. I went over to Ivy's dorm room. I brought my stuffed monkey Toshi and Ivy had her porcelain doll Mary. Nous avons joué des poupées (we played dolls). We talked a lot too. We also read magazines. I feel so lazy today! I didn't wake up until about 10:00, which is really late considering I usually get up about 6:30. It feels good to be off of school, but I wish that it was nice outside. When you're stuck inside all day it gets pretty boring. The bad part is, another storm is supposed to be coming. :(



  1. I'll take your storm, Avery! Anything to escape the dreadful heat and unforgiving sun! :)
    I hope your summer is good so far, besides the storm!


  2. Salut Avery!

    Did Brooke delete her AGF account?! Jill and Zippy noticed that she is listed as "guest"?! I hope she's not gone for good...


  3. Sophie,
    Yes, Brooke did delete her account. There was a misunderstanding with the moderators and she needed some time off. She was going to sign back up, but the registration is closed.

    I'm glad that people remember her and miss her though :)


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