Friday, June 19, 2009

More of Sierra

Inspired by Zipporah's blog entry, Brooke decided to get a few more pictures of her #11, Sierra. She just moved here to Mondale Boarding School, and is adjusting really well. She's traveled all over the world, so I guess that being in a new place doesn't really bother her that much. I talked to her a little bit, and learned more about her. Her full name is Sierra Renee Nicholas. Her dad was in the Navy. They had to travel a lot because of that, and when he was done serving the country, they just kept on traveling. Her mom is a nurse, which, I'm assuming, is where Sierra gets her helping personality from. She's been to Egypt, Kenya, Germany, Mexico, China, Brazil, Thailand, and Norway, plus a lot more I can't even remember! I told her a lot about France, and she said she'd love to visit there.

With all her travels, Sierra was home schooled. Until a few weeks ago, when her parents thought she needed some socializing with other kids her age. That's why she came to Mondale. Her parents were also going on a long voyage around South America, and they weren't able to bring her. So, here she is at boarding school! Sierra also loves animals. She said that when she was in Africa, she got to hold a baby chimpanzee, how neat! She wishes she could have a pet, but her travels don't allow it.
Her favorite colors are purple and green (her outfit!) and when she grows up she wants to be a sailor.

Since Sierra loves to go to different places and travel, Brooke has been thinking about making her a traveling doll. She's not quite sure yet though, since the Traveling Cambria fright, and Sierra being gone so long.

In other news, our rain storm has passed (for now) and it is a little sunny outside. :)

Talk to you later,


  1. You just made me need #11. Because of you, dolls are now going to take over the house :) teehee


  2. Wow, Sierra sounds like an interesting character! And she is cute, too! I like how you combined Marisol's outfit with Sonali's. And are those Gwen's shoes?
    Anyway, Sierra sounds like she could be a great new friend! I am looking forward to hearing more about her this summer! :)


  3. oooh she's so pretty,I really want this girl:)

  4. I know I already commented, but AAAAHHH. She is so pretty!!! Must... resist.. more... dolls.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    They are Jess's sandals :)

  6. Hi Avery!
    Sierra seems really cute! I LOVE learning about other dolls! It's like a whole new blog! ;D

  7. Oh, and we post a lot!! Just not long posts.

  8. Sierra is really pretty, and she seems so cool!

  9. Thanks for telling us more about Sierra, and showing more pictures! She seems like a very interesting person, and is really pretty. I can sympathize with wanting to travel but not being allowed by your human. I'd love to go on another trip, but Jillian won't let me.


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