Saturday, June 27, 2009

Liberty Jane

Brooke has been contemplating about getting a couple Liberty Jane outfits for a few days now, and this morning she finally convinced herself to order Summer #2 (blue top, silver dress, black leggings, necklace) and Spring #7 (maroon tank, shorts). They are beautiful, amazingly detailed, hand-made outfits made by Cinnamon Miles. Haute couture-doll style. Well, she logs onto ebay this morning, goes on over to the Liberty Jane store, and Summer #2 isn't listed anymore! We're bummed, since Brooke wanted to order them both at the same time and do a combined shipping discount. Now she's not even sure she wants to order Spring #7 any more. We hope someone from the AG blogosphere was able to get Summer #2 though. It was a gorgeous outfit! Brooke messaged Liberty Jane's youtube account about possibly making another outfit similar to Summer #2. Hopefully she says yes!!!

More about Liberty Jane: They're having a summer design contest! You draw out a design, make a video, then post it on youtube as a response to their video about the contest. There's over 300 entries, and the chances of winning are small, but Brooke's been cranking out the designs. We've only made a video for 2, but we have 5 more designs in the works. I'd tell you about them, but Brooke doesn't want anyone stealing ideas. Here's two of our entries that we've made videos for. What do you think? The first is a white t-shirt, orange tank with flower design, jean skirt, orange leggings, an anklet, and flip flops. The other is a multi colored polka dot tank, green cargo capris, a necklace, bracelet, anklet, and flip flops. Sorry for the headless drawings :P

I'll keep you updated on the Liberty Jane situation, and more of our desgins once final copies are drawn and videos are made! Photo's of outfits from Liberty Jane Ebay Listings, drawing's are ours!!!



  1. Cute drawings! I love Liberty Jane. So expensive, though. And we live in Canada.

  2. Hi!
    I love the second one! I really hope you win! We're not that into doll couture, but we're getting into it now! We've just been reading The Couture Review by Sonali alnd that's how it happened!

  3. Cute designs!
    Liberty Jane sells nice things, but I honestly want too many AG things to buy elsewhere, lol.



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