Friday, November 26, 2010

Can You See Me?

Can you see me
Through the ivy
Climbing up the wall?

Can you see me
Through the raindrops
Falling to the ground?

Can you see me
Through the sun light
Glinting up above?

Can you see me
In your dreams
When I catch you as you fall?


I know, I know, it's becoming a terrible habit of mine to post in poem form. I hope my awful writing doesn't annoy you all too much. But this is a post, none the less! Two in the past few days, that's pretty good for me, haha! Anyways, I have a shed in my yard and it has these vines growing up the sides. I was outside yesterday looking for a place to take a picture, and I realized I could take it there! It's a really nice place, actually, I'm sorry I didn't think of it sooner.


  1. Beautiful picture <3 Avery looks gorgeous in Elizabeth's dress, and it's so nice to see some living green at this time of the year ;) And your writing is not awful. It's stunning, and besides, we like poems ;D


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  3. (Had a bad typo)

    I think it's lovely that you're writing poetry! It gets to the heart of the matter faster; and creates beautiful imagery as well! Best wishes in your creative writing endeavors!!

  4. I love your poems! It makes a bit of sense with the photos, and you can picture them in your head. You should go into creative writing!
    Absolutely American Girl


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