Monday, December 13, 2010


This post is exactly what the title entails - randomness! I'm bored and haven't updated in a while, so thought I would ramble a little bit. A huge storm hit last night and there's so much snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. I was going to take pictures, but I was too lazy and it is freezing (below 0 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill - brrr!). So, instead I include the sunny, warm picture of a horse that I took what seems like ages ago when I was on vacation. Yeah, I literally walked down the road from the beach to this pasture on the side of the road and took a picture. I'm weird like that.

Things are pretty good, I'd like to say. (I. Did. Awesome. In. Exams. :D :D :D x1,000. I would brag for a second, but I really don't want to for fear of coming off as arrogant/selfish/all that other stuff.) The holidays are coming up, and that means sort of a break. Hopefully I'll get some posts/photos in.

I LOVE THE WHIFFENPOOFS. Specifically BEN WEXLER. ♥Yeah... that was weird. I think I owe some explanation to that statement. Well, I'm not a huge fan of TV in general, pretty much everything is terrible, especially reality shows. But NBC's "The Sing Off" caught my interest. It's an a capella singing competition. One of the competitors were the group from Yale called the Whiffenpoofs. I love their voices and the arrangements. :) They were eliminated, but now I'm addicted to them, haha. Sorry for the random "fangirling". Speaking of Yale (the Whiffs' are a collegiate group that has been around for over a century), wouldn't that be an awesome school to go to? It's one of the top in country. I doubt I'll be admitted there anytime soon, though.

Well, there you have it. Rambling at its finest.
Over and out,

PS: My youtube channel is undergoing some modification, so no videos are up right now. They're still "out there" if you search, just the module that shows them isn't applied to my channel. No worries. ;)


  1. Congratulations on doing so well on your exams Brooke! I love your horse picture. :)

  2. Congrats on the good exam marks!


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