Monday, September 6, 2010

Going back to school is like a rainbow. You have the dismal rain and dark skies, but then there's those short beams of sunshine and the rays of colorful light that make it all worth it.

That's how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm not quite sure how to feel about going to a new school. In a way I'm excited and can't wait, and in another way I'm sad to leave my friends and am dreading all the work that the school year will bring.

It is back-to-school-eve (yes, I made that up) and I'm just getting the finishing touches done. I'm moved into my dorm room and share it with a few girls that seem all right. I have my backpack ready to go and I checked out my textbooks yesterday. All that's left is tomorrow, the first day!

Wish me luck,
- Avery Voisin

PS: The photo included is of Gwen outside on the porch this evening. Isn't she lovely? :)


  1. Good luck at your new school Avery! Startin a new school is tough but after a while, it becomes more exciting. Trust me, I've been through it. ;)

    Gwen looks fantastic in the photograph. The green dress looks amazing on her.


  2. I hope that school turns out great!

    By the way, I LOVE Gwen's dress! It is so beautiful, I wish I had that! Julie would look amazing in it! :) I think it really sets off blond hair, I don't know why, I just love the green/blond combo!


  3. Good luck at your new school, Avery! We know you'll do great and have lots of fun. And we agree, Gwen is lovely. Beautiful photo. :)

  4. Beautiful photo. Except I would have thought Gwen was writing the post if it were not for Avery's blogging signature. Agreeing too, Gwen is lovely. Good luck at your new school, Avery!
    Srajana and Rebecca
    PS: We may be nerve-racking....but you'll do well and have tons of fun.

  5. Good luck, Avery! I'm sure you'll do fine. Please keep us updated!

  6. Good luck at school! Back-to-school time is always really stressful.

    P.S. Love that pic of Gwen!


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