Thursday, September 2, 2010


{Hello, all! This is guest blogger Marisol.}

School and the frantic behavior that always accompanies first day back is upon us. Everyone is scrambling to get moved into their dorms and get ready, while catching up with old friends they haven't seen over summer. It's a slightly crazy time, these last few days before school begins. Mondale starts on the seventh! It's hard to believe we're so close to starting back up. Summer passed by very fast, in my opinion. I went back to Illinois to see my family and some old friends.

I love my schedule this year. I'm taking gym and Spanish as my electives along with dancing as an extra curricular (our school has a club/organization for just about everything) plus the required subjects of course. I have quite a few classes with friends! I'm also in a dorm room where I know many of the other girls from last year.

Well, I must continue getting my school books and preparing for the first day!

~Marisol Isabella Luna~

{A note from the human: I'm sorry that the picture is absolutely horrid. It was dark and came out blurry, but I managed to make it presentable. Barely. So sorry about the bad quality and small size of the picture! Also, the books behind her are mine... and in no way are they textbooks. :P }

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  1. I know how frantic the first day can be. It's cool you went to Illinois! I think I like my schedule too.
    I have to get my books and prepare for school too!
    ~A gut yor!
    ~Rebecca Abigail Rubin


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