Friday, August 27, 2010

Felicity & Elizabeth

"Elizabeth?" the redhead asked, looking over to the girl doing her sewing.

"Yes, Felicity?" she responded, setting down her needle and thread and looking towards her friend.

"It's a wonderful day, we should go outside," Felicity proposed, a smile spreading across her face. She loved to run around the field, picking flowers and climbing trees. The warm sunny day was especially inviting, and she did not want to be stuffed up indoors.

"That sounds nice," Elizabeth said. "Just let me get my bonnet and shoes and I'll be right out."

"Lizzie, you don't need those! No one is watching," Felicity said, eager to get outside. She gave the blond a pleading look.

"Oh, all right." Elizabeth gave in after a bit of thought and followed Felicity out the door and into the fresh air. Lissie could always end up convincing her. She really was a bad influence, breaking most of the rules set forth, but the two always wound up having a good time and nothing else seemed to matter.

Outside, the girls were free to do as they wish. Running around barefoot with the sun on their cheeks, because they were in their own world having fun where nothing was expected of them.{A short tribute of sorts to these two lovely ladies. Word on the street is they're being archived. D': I didn't want to do the usual "OMG they're gone!" post, but something that embraces the dolls' characters and history, etc. and does not focus on the archival, but the dolls themselves. If that makes any sense. Something tells me I've put too much thought into this. -Brooke}


  1. Great post! We really like your tribute to them. :)

  2. So sad. :( My sister and I really want it's doubtful if we'll get her by the time they're gone. :( At least I have Felicity. I wonder if AG is going to "replace" them (and Kirsten too!) like Rebecca replaced Samantha or if they're slowly going to have MAG take over? :S ~ Sonja ~

  3. Aw... I'll be sorry to see them go.
    This is a very sweet post, and as always, your pictures are magnificent!

  4. This post is so simple, yet its so sweet and care-free sounding. It really emphasized the words freedom and joy. :)


  5. What a lovely post. I'm so sad to hear that the two will be gone.

    At least they will still be cherished in our hearts forever. We'll miss you, Felicity and Elizabeth!


  6. I agree with Sonali. It's simple yet caring and loving but still recognizes the girl's archival. :''')


  7. It does recognize the colonial's archival, but it shows love and care. I agree with Sonali and Claire too.


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