Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I couldn't think of a wittier title at the moment, I'm just so out of it. It seems to sum up everything anyways. I've been in my pajamas for days, doing nothing but reading by the window sill and sneaking éclairs from the kitchen.

The sky reflects how I feel at this moment. Bleak. Gray. Dull. Depressed. Threatening to rain. Except in my case, it would be tears.

You may remember my post about Rosenbrock Academy and the orientation all the way back in May. It seems so long ago! Well, not much was heard about it on the blog after that, but Ruthie's recent post kind of brought back all the memories. (All the linking is over now, I promise.)
I made the decision to attend Rosenbrock, at least for the first semester to see how things go. I have to say it was the hardest decision I've had to make, except for agreeing to come to the United States when I was nine for school in the first place. But that choice was sort of made for me. This one was all my doing... and, I went for it. I took a risk by accepting, and I just hope it pays off.

My friends are mad at me. I don't have many to begin with, and I haven't been doing much with them lately, but I still consider Ivy, Nellie, and even Erin as friends. And they all seem to hate me for leaving them. Well, it's Ivy and Erin who are outright mad. But it's Nellie's... almost disappointment that gets to me the most. She's not the type to be angry, but I'd almost rather she was instead of this. I'm not abandoning them, I'm just going to a new school! But they don't seem to understand. I'd like to think that nothing would change between us, but I know it's foolish to believe that as well.

I got my schedule today.

Homeroom: Grade 9 V-Z - Mr. Vineyard
First Hour: Biology - Ms. McKinder

Second Hour: English - Mr. Stockwell

Third Hour: Gym - Ms. O'Brien

Fourth Hour: Geometry - Mr. Armstead

A Lunch

Fifth Hour: History - Mrs. Bravermann
Sixth Hour: Orchestra - Mr. Julian
Dorm 109

I met a few of the teachers in orientation, but most I do not know. I will be officially moving out of my Mondale dorm within the week, and moving in to Rosenbrock's. It's the strangest feeling, really quite sad, to be around things so familiar for what could be the last time. Yet, at the same time it's also so exciting. But that part is dulled by the sadness, unfortunately.

Yours Truly,
Avery-Marie Voisin


  1. Oh, Avery, I'm sorry you feel depressed about all of this. I know it's hard changing schools, but sometimes change is good. Once you get to Rosenbrock, I'm sure it will be a little hard at first, but I'm also sure your probably going to like it! :) Be strong, Avery! As you said, even though your friends are mad at you, you are not abandoning them! They will always be your friends. :)


  2. I'm sorry your friends feel that way Avery! I know it must be really hard for you right now. I hope that you all can find a way past the hurt feelings and uncertainty, and stand on common grounds as friends again. Don't give up hope. :)

  3. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll make up and be friends again. It must be so horrible. I'm really, sincerely sorry your friends feel like that, Avery.
    Rebecca :)

  4. "But Avery, you're taking Biology! That's awesome! You'll have so much fun!"
    ---Sitara's unhelpful response

    Anyway, it's me, Ruthie, now...
    I hope everything works out with Rosenbrock and your friends. <3 Are they mad because you're leaving? I really and truly hope you all can work out some kind of understanding <3 and I hope you'll still remain friends.

    Good luck at the new school!



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