Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mystery at Midnight

As the clock tower chimed twelve in the small town of Yorkshire, a dark, cloaked figure stepped into the dim light cast by street lamps. The cobbled streets were deserted, fortunately, for if they weren't it would look entirely suspicious. The mysterious person hurriedly made their way across town, stopping every so often to lurk in the shadows of a building or alley. Scurrying down Main Street, the person looked around before crossing over to Williams Avenue, where they continued their journey.

At the very last building, a shop that had been abandoned for years, the figure stopped and waited. A minute passed before another body approached, pausing at the same place. They nodded at each other before getting down to business.

"Agent Parkington, the file?" the newest arrival asked in a voice so quiet it was barely audible. The young woman who was addressed pulled out a single, manila folder from the depths of her cloak and handed it to her acquaintance.

"Very well," the other agent whispered, and in exchange they too pulled out a file, though this one much thicker, from their trench coat. A gloved hand held it out to Agent Parkington, and the brunette quickly grabbed it and stashed it away.

Not another word was said, and with another curt nod, they both went their separate ways, the quiet steps the only sound to break the night silence. After turning a corner, the other agent was out of sight and Agent Parkington, as she was known, quickly went from a brisk walk to a full out run. Finally she reached the safety of headquarters and slipped inside. A sly smile formed on her lips. Another successful mission completed.

{A mysterious, yet fun, post with no real meaning. Interpret it as you wish.}


  1. Very interesting and mysterious.

    Brooke, you always have the most interesting short-story posts, they always fascinate and intrigue me.


  2. How mysterious! We liked the little story. The first photo is absolutely amazing. :)

  3. Awesome! You always have interesting little vignettes. Cool photos, too. :)


  4. Very cool! The pictures and the story went together beautifully. I really enjoyed it. :)

  5. Very mysterious... I love the shadow and black and white. Brooke, your posts are always amazing! I love how descriptive you are.


  6. The description is amazing! I always love your posts, Brooke. I love the shadows of black and's so mysterious!


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