Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meet 'Curls'

Lanie has arrived! I'm not sure if I like that name for her, though, so at the moment I'm just calling her 'Curls'. Does anyone have any name suggestions? Something unique, but not totally crazy.

I love her hair and her eyes are beautiful. I got her as a Christmas present (the first AG I've gotten for a present in a long time). I hadn't had the time to take pictures until today. And of course, it RAINED. It poured, and melted all of the snow we had, which was several inches. Uh... So I went outside into the dreary snow-less backyard to take some pictures.

*warning - this is where the post gets really rant-y and self pity-like XD*

Okay, so on the the topic of photographs... mine have really been terrible lately and I find myself having to do a lot of editing just to make them presentable. I try to resize them, but it always makes them blurry. Plus they just haven't been that great to start out with. As far as point and shoots go, I love my Kodak and it has taken some great shots. It's just really fussy half of the time and not getting good pictures at all lately. I find myself really wanting a DSLR when I see all the great photos people take with them, but I know it's probably never going to happen. It's frustrating me and I don't know what's up at the moment since every picture I take lately is turning out just plain bad. I guess I'm just in a rut or something.

*rant over*

Moving on! Anyways, that's "Lanie" - or that's what I'm calling her temporarily. I like the environmental part of her story, I think I'll build off of that. I've been progressively thinning out my collection and not really talking about it much. I forgot the 'new doll hype' feeling, if you know what I mean. :D Sorry, that sounds really greedy/materialistic.

Well, I'm still not sure on names, so if you have any suggestions, be sure to comment!


  1. Ooh! You got Lanie! :D Haha, I want a DSLR too :P My Kodak hasn't been taking the best photo's lately...

    Names? Hmm.. I'm horrible with names, but here's just some of my (not so good) suggestions: Lynlee, Atsitsi, Taylor, Savannah, Kaylee, Ayla...
    yeah. (;

  2. Hi! Lanie is so pretty! Hmmm.... I love names (yes, weird, but I do) so here are some suggestions: Zoe, Delaney, Nicole, Vienna, Brooklyn, Ayla, LeeAnn.....

    If you want more, I'd me happy to help!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Lexii and Gabby! I do like the name Ayla... :) Something to think about, it's definitely a possibility for a name.

  4. Congratulations on the new doll, Brooke! Hmm... I always have trouble with naming, because there are so many to choose from. How about:
    Indie, Harlow, Astrid, Bronwyn, or Willow? I won't be hurt if you don't like any of them. :P


  5. Maybe Sheraton or January...


  6. -Summer

  7. Hmmm, she is a cutie! I've recently fallen in love with spice names like Ginger and Cinnamon. although for a blonde girl I would go with something like a flower name. The December flower is Holly, witch would be a cute name! Also I like Rose, Lily, Violet, And Belle (as in blue bell). It's ok if you don't use any of my names! Good luck finding your name Curls!

  8. She's so pretty! Personally I'm terrible with names, but searching around on sites like listography for people's favourite names provides some unique and pretty doll names.
    I know how you feel about cameras... My current camera is only a little over a year old, but the one I used before that had been in the family since 2001 and had less megapixels than an iPod camera. xP

  9. I like Emme/Emmie, Kayla, Rubye/Ruby, Isabella/Ysabella, or Olivia.

  10. Yay! "Curls" is so cute! :D For names, I like Holly, Skye (or some variation like Skylar or Skylark), Charlie (it can be cute as a girl's name! Short for Charlotte?), Alice, Chloe, or Sophie. Hmm. Hope that helps a little! :) Let us know what you decide!


  11. Hmm...

    Lyra (Probably too Golden Compass-y...)





    ... Can you tell I'm a bit caught up in I- and L- names? ~.^


  12. I have a few different suggestions for naming Curls!

    1. Mackenzie
    2. Erica
    3. Callie or Cali
    4. Savannah
    5. Brianna
    6. Jane Marie (Janie for Short)
    7. Allisyn (I like this spelling)
    8. Rachelle
    9. Sophie
    10. Natalie
    11. Naoimi
    12. Abigail
    13. Leslie
    14. Hannah
    15. Haylee

    Good Luck!!

  13. I really like names which sounds wierd but it is fun! here are some ideas!
    1. Aria
    2. Leann
    3. Leanna
    4. Bridgette
    5. Catalina
    6. Sephina
    7. Taylin
    8. Ceree
    9. Glenda( slightly wicked but pretty!)

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