Saturday, January 15, 2011

A post of anything and everything...

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go."
-Herman Hesse
Ever screwed up so bad and just can't stop thinking about it, reliving it, having it replay over and over in your mind? It's not the greatest feeling.

*Sigh*... now that that's out of my system, I will move onto more ramblings. The picture above is of a sun conure, her name is Juliet. She was in the sunlight and preening her feathers and I thought it was most beautiful thing, so I took a quick photos.

Thanks for all of your name suggestions for Lanie, I'm still debating over what to call her. I haven't had much time for the AG's lately, unfortunately. Sorry I haven't been doing much posting with them, it's more of a bunch of rants (like this!)

I've seen more movies in the past week than I usually do in an entire year. I just don't go to the cinema at all usually, for whatever reason, but I just saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Tron, both in 3D (really, are there any movies not in 3D now?) Anyways, I liked them both, and just thought I would throw that random fact out there.

Also, I was bored today, so I threw together a slideshow of pictures to a song that I recently heard. None of the pictures are mine, credit where it is due!

So this post was completely random and kind of pointless, but oh well!


  1. I loved the new Narnia movie - but Tron: Legacy is still on my list of must-see movies. As for Lanie names, I think Noelle and Natalie would be nice names for her as you got her around Christmastime. :)

  2. I haven't seen either of those movies. Oh! I just thought Samantha/Sammy or Amanda would be good names.
    Rebecca :)


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