Saturday, February 19, 2011

102 and Willow too!

Enjoy the rhyme-y, strange title! It reminds me of 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!', which is sad since History class really is wearing off on me. I hope people understand that reference, otherwise I'm going to seem more odd than I already do, haha.

Anyways, this is a rather important post, since it celebrates Avery-Here's 102 followers - what a great milestone! Thank you all so much for following this blog and putting up with my ramblings, rantings, absences, etc. I means a lot to know that people actually do read this and I'm not just talking to myself. :P

In order to celebrate these 102 amazing followers, I planned out an AG post! Finally! I know, I've been terrible with photographing the dolls, which is kind of what this blog is supposed to be all about. I took over for a little while, and I'm sorry about that. I hope to focus more on the AG's soon.

I posted about Lanie a while back asking for name suggestions, but kind of left you guys hanging and I haven't mentioned her since then. I've been super busy and haven't had much of a chance to do much with the poor girl. Well, I'm pleased to announce that I now have her name - Willow Delanie Holland. I used Delanie as the middle name so she can also be called Lanie, and I've started calling her Lanie-Bug. :) I was debating on Willow/Willa, but went with Willow since Willa Holland is an actual person/actress that I didn't even know existed. And I've typed Willow and Willa so many times that I'm losing the meaning of those words, haha.

She's a shy girl, who likes reading and biology and being outdoors, no matter what time of year, though she's glad that the weather is warming up and it's more feasible to be outside. Sadly, that's about all of her personality I have figured out now.

So enjoy the pictures of Willow! :) I love cross-process. I usually try not to edit my pictures too much, but I was bored and thought it looked cool.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


  1. These are beautiful pictures, Brooke! I like the name Willow very much. It suits her. :)


  2. Awesome pictures, Brooke. :) Willow is a great name! It actually fits Lanie pretty well.

  3. I think the name Willow fits Lanie well! I like how you've layered her dress with the tee underneath. It makes it actually look appealing to me. I didn't like it after just seeing catalogue pictures. The glasses look cute on her, too. :)


  4. OMJ(Oh my jelly)! I LOVE THE NAME WILLOW! It really seems like who Lanie is in the stories, and it sounds naturey! I'm now(to commemorate your Willow) going to name one of MY future dolls Willow! I forgot that that was a name for awhile there... :( But it IS a REALLY pretty name! :)


  5. BTW, I looked on your flickr(I didn't want to get an account, so that's why I didn't comment there) and your bird is GORGEOUS! She looks soft and fluffy. :D


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