Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Très Bonne

Très Bonne, muy bien, sehr gut, molto buona... however you want to say it, today has been very good. I don't know why, it's just been one of those random great days that I can't really explain the reason why. It's a multitude of things, I guess.

The highlight was burning old papers from classes I had last semester. The most liberating thing ever. I really recommend it, just don't burn your house down. :P Also burned a copy - well, more like singed a few pages - of Atlas Shrugged. You know it's a good day when old homework is toasting in your fireplace and Atlas Shrugged is smoldering and the corner of the cover is crumbling to ash. That sounds really sadistic, but it's true, I'm a raging, psychopathic, pyromaniac. /sarcasm. (Totally kidding. I'm a really sarcastic person, but it doesn't come across very well on the internet. So I thought I'd clarify.)

I even got a half ways decent picture today! See above. There's some mild bokeh up in the corner, too. That's they best photo I've gotten in a while, which isn't saying much. I haven't had much time for photography, or the AG's, or blogging (SORRY!), but I was glad to get outside, I trudged through like 15 inches of snow for that picture, and my hands were so numb that I could barely press the shutter. But I suppose it was all worth it. Not the best, but I'm sort of happy with it.

Well, I suppose I'd best get started on that mountain of homework waiting for me. Procrastination is beautiful.

PS: I just realized I have 100 followers! It really is a good day, haha. :O Thank you so much! I will do a more official post, that is actually AG-center, later.


  1. Muy bien! Burning papers sure sounds fun. I like your picture. I have a mountain of homework too.
    PS: Great that you have 100 followers!

  2. I had an awesome day too :D Top of my AP bio class, oh yeah :D
    Burning papers sounds awesome. Guess what you have given me the idea to do after the AP history exam? >:D
    I love that picture. The texture of the wood grain is so perfect!


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