Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Get ready for an obscene amount of pink, everyone! You really don't realize how much pink/red/purple clothing you have until you see it all together. Just a little note for the AG company: Try some different colors!!!

Anyways, there was a massive three day project here at Mondale. Everyone is was changed into their own Valentine colored outfit, and a huge photo shoot followed! Erin even came back for a visit so she could be in the pictures. Another certain someone arrived, too, and you'll just have to see from the photographs who it is!

There is a boat load of photos. They're not the best, due to poor indoor lighting, somewhat messy backgrounds, and Brooke being too lazy after the photo shoot and clean up to edit 50+ pictures consecutively. Here's a teaser photo for you, and the full album can be seen here.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! :D I saw the video on YT & commented.

    Your dolls are so cute. Is Gwen your new girl? ;)


  2. Thanks, Starr! And yes, you are correct! There were just too many enabling photos *points finger at Sitara* :P

  3. You're right, they should pick a different color!
    I see too many baby blues and pinks nowadays!

    Green should be the motivation!
    Happy Valentines Day! ;]


  4. Yay, Brooke got Gwen! She is so pretty. I loved the outfits you all wore, they were very festive. Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. Beautiful pictures! :-)
    Congrats on Gwen!


  6. What beautiful girls, Avery! So, Gwen is the new one? Congratulations! We have Gwen, she's too adorable! Happy Valentine's Day! :)
    ~Jess & Lexii

  7. Suuuuuchhhh a pretty picture! Brooke, you made a good choice with Gwen.I hope Avery will make friends with her. She's super nice to be around, so congratulations and Happy Valentines Day!
    -Sonali and Rebecca

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! Cute picture. I'm going to look at the other ones now, :) .

  9. Happy belated Valentine's Day! Nice pictures! Congrats on Gwen..I'm sure you two will become the best of friends. :)

  10. Hi Avery! The blog that I'm about to tell you about is not mine, but is awesome! It is:


  11. Hey! I love your blog! I'm new to blogging and I would love it if you checked out my blog:
    Thanks you! Oh and I love the snow. Very appropriate.

  12. Hey! I love your Blog! It is so cool! I am starting to work on mine!

  13. It was funny because at first I saw Erin then I saw Gwen and was thinking "what!?" then I realized that Brooke got Gwen!


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