Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mondale Greenhouse

Février (February): The time between winter and spring where everything is just... blah. There was a large thaw, and now all the snow is dirty slush; slightly disgusting. It was beautiful powdered crystals, and now it's a muddy mess. It's just cold enough for flurries, but warm enough to where everything melts. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring! Don't get me wrong, I love winter and the snow, it's just this yucky transitional period I hate.

Anyways, Nicki felt the same way. So... she started the Mondale 'Greenhouse'! It isn't very big, but as of now we have several plants growing, including a large tree and some cacti. I think it's a really fun project, it brightens these dreary days.

(Just a note: The 'tree thing', the cacti, and the holly leaves are all real! :) Don't you just love a mini, doll-sized cactus? Hehe!)
Sorry for not posting much over the past week. But I'm trying to take into consideration your suggestions, so: here you have it! A long-ish post with pictures. Sorry for the somewhat horrible indoor lighting and messy background.



  1. Yay! More picture posts! We love the Greenhouse. The doll-sized mini cactus is adorable. Here, there is still so much snow, it's crazy. That's Canada, for you. But we agree about the yucky transitional period.

  2. The mini plants are awesome, Avery. And I loved the long-ish post with pictures! :)

  3. I love the greenhouse! Absolutely adorable!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the Greenhouse! It's a great picture, Avery! :) Oh, and I can't wait for spring too! It's when I get to go on even more adventures! :)

  5. Awesome photos! Love the greenhouse,and it's a beautiful picture, Brooke. We cannot wait for spring too, mostly because we have not had anything here but rain, rain, and more rain.
    Sonali and Srujana

  6. The greenhouse is really cool and the pictures are pretty! I know what you mean about the yucky weather. Here in Florida it's hot one day and cold the next!


  7. I love the cactus plants!! And the green t-shirt under the dress - what a great combo!
    I know what you mean about winter blahs - lucky we have Valentines Day to break them up some, right?


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