Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friends-A Photo Story

(One of your suggestions was more pictures/photo stories. I have to admit, I agree with that 100%!)

Introducing the first ever photo story on this blog:
-Dedicated to all my wonderful readers, but in particular Starr-

"Hi Julie," said Sonali, coming into the bedroom.
"Hello," replied the blond girl.
"Have you seen Chrissa today?" Sonali asked.
"She stayed after school to finish her History exam," explained Julie. "She was pretty worried yesterday, I hope she did all right."
A little while later, Chrissa came into the room:

"Hi guys," she said in a depressed tone.
"What's wrong?" asked Julie, sensing her friend's bad mood.
"I got an 84 on my exam," Chrissa answered.
"An 84? That's really good!" said Sonali excitedly.
"But you got a 90," muttered Chrissa.
"Oh, Chrissa," exclaimed Sonali as she walked out.

30 minutes later:
"I'm back," called Sonali, seeing her two friends in the same place she had left them.
"Chrissa, you did great on your exam! You did your best and that's all that matters," Sonali said comfortingly.

"Here," she said, holding out a bag. Chrissa opened it, and found a cute stuffed teddy bear.
"Thank you, Sonali," said Chrissa, giving her a hug. "You're a great friend."


Chrissa Maxwell
Sonali Matthews
Julie Albright
Matthew (haha, I didn't even realize until now that it's Sonali's last name)-the mohair teddy bear in the Macy's bag :P Hehe!
Well, it was short and sweet, with horrible indoor lighting photography, but I hope you enjoyed! Yes, it was a bit cheesy, but I like it. I just had to use that little Macy's shopping bag, it's so adorable, haha! I dedicated this to Starr, due to her recent post. She inspired me. Hope this made you smile, laugh, what ever! :D
Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.


  1. Cute photostory! I really liked Sonali's, Chrissa's, and Julie's outfits. The bedding on the bed is cute, too!

  2. This was a really good photostory. :) And the lighting looks great. The pictures are really good and sweet too. I love the Macy's bag, how did you get it?

    It was really nice of you to make this for Starr. :)

    ~Ruthie & Sitara

  3. Thanks you two! :)

    Ruthie and Sitara:
    The Macy's bag is actually a package from an ornament. It is what my mom's Christmas present came in!

  4. Wow, your dolls look SO pretty, especially Chrissa! I love the clearness of the pictures and it was a cute story! Good job! :D


  5. Cute photostory! I thought the lighting was great, not bad at all. I also loved Sonali's outfit. Very cute sweater and the Liberty Jane jeans are awesome.
    I thought it was very sweet of you to dedicate this to Starr! :)


  6. Aw, thanks so much for making this for me! It really made me smile! :D You are so sweet!

    I love Sonali's outfit so much, in particular, but your dolls are all so cute! Great photos!



  7. What a great photostory for Starr. Very cute!

  8. Cute and cool photostory for Starr!
    Rebecca as Rebecca

  9. Cute photostory, and adorable bag!

  10. Love the photo story, but you ought to know, I have worse indoor lighting photography!

    DON'T FEEL BAD! ;)

  11. What a neat Photostory! I loved it. Great photos, too.

  12. Aww, such a cute story! I loved it! :)

  13. Adorable story! So precious!
    ~ Ghillie (AGPrincess)

  14. Julie (not the doll)September 24, 2010 at 10:04 AM

    It was pretty good. You know what?! Sonali would look good in earrings...

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