Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Friends

Felicity and Elizabeth:

Ruthie and Kit:

Finally a 'real' post!
Some updates: I gave Erin to my cousin. I'm not sure if said cousin will keep her or not. She said that she was going to 'borrow' Erin for a while.
I feel absolutely horrible because I'm not spending very much time with my AG's. Like Kirsten; I just got her a few months ago and I've barely done anything with her... I feel terrible about it. It's the same story with a lot of my other dolls, too.
I feel like I might be 'growing out' of them again, like I did in 2007. :'( I guess it's just because I'm so busy.


  1. Pretty pictures! :-)
    When I'm busy, I tend to not spend time with my dolls as much as I do on weekends, over the summer, and during breaks. School can get so hectic sometimes! I'm sure your dolls will understand that you're busy. :-)
    Happy Saturday!


  2. I like the photos! :)

    As far as AGs: You have midterms coming up, right? That is another possible reason why. This is one of the busiest times for us students. :(
    And you have a lot of dolls; when one is studying and doing homework and other school stuff one doesn't have time for each of one's dolls.

    Well, I hope this helps some. :)

  3. Nice photos. I don't really spend time with my dolls all the time; but I'm fairly preoccupied. I don't have midterms, but I had an audition, several projects and a few tests. So don't really 'worry'. It happens a lot.

  4. I'm sad to hear you're growing out of dolls! Its too bad, maybe you should make some videos to get back in the hang of it. Or give Kirsten a hug. Whichever works. ;)

  5. I'm sorry you are growing out of the American Girl thing! Maybe you should take more pictures, make a video, or post more.
    Hope this helps!

  6. You maybe gave away Erin?Thats kinda sad.I really liked her.


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