Monday, January 25, 2010

How to make this blog better?

Do you guys have any suggestions, comments, etc?
We'd love to hear them! With the New Year, I'm going to strive the make the blog better. I know I'm not doing a very good job, it's probably gotten worse...
Anyways, comment on things you like, things you don't, and hopefully things will change!
PS-Happy Birthday, Sitara!


  1. I would love to see more pictures, maybe a poll too. Your pix of AG dolls are great and I love to see them when you post new photos!

  2. 1. Post more! Lol, I know this is hard when you are busy with school, but it is important!

    2. More photos and photo stories. Your dolls are so pretty and I love to see what creative stories you come up with! :D

    Those are my main points. I really like your blog and I hope you continue at it for a while! :)


  3. We love your blog, Brooke! We love your posts, but we really want to see some more pictures of your gorgeous dollies. :)

  4. I love your blog! Your posts are awesome. What would make it better would probably be some pictures of dolls, Brooke.

  5. Your blog is great, Brooke! :)
    Maybe some photos/photo stories could make it even better!


  6. I always love photo posts, even if it is just a random photo or two.

  7. I am agreeing with the comments above. I love reading your blog (its so creative!!) and I adore it even more when you post pictures. Your dolls are stunning and so are your photography skills. I will sit and stare at the pictures you post, and "ooo awww" over every one of them!

  8. Some photos could help.
    Maybe more blogs?

    Try a photo story! :)
    Or photoshoots...
    Gah, I am just trying to get across that people love photos. xD

  9. I pretty much love your blog no matter what you do, but I agree with the posts above; more photos, and maybe some photo stories. Just a tip, if you don't post often, try to make your posts long.

  10. Your blog is terrific as is, but I agree with the others. A few more photos would be nice.

  11. I think your blog is already wonderful! I would enjoy more photos ;).

    And the animated background makes your blog run slowly on my computer :(. (I have a really old computer :P)


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