Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nature Photography

This is a somewhat off-topic post by Brooke.
Today I was cleaning out my computer, deleting files, etc. I came across some old photos from summer/autumn 2oo9, and thought I'd share them.
They're just a few nature photographs. Nothing fancy, but I still like them. I know these aren't the greatest, but I thought I would post the pictures. Plus, I've got nothing else to post about. *Hides ashamed face*
New Year's Resolution: Improve Both AG and Non-AG Photography

Photos of Upper Peninsula, Michigan. About as far North as it gets. Around a town where I used to live.

Early Autumn Trail


Boat Wreckage (slightly dramatic... hehe)




  1. Pretty! Michigan looks really pretty during fall! I love the picture of the boat wreckage. It is really neat-looking. Beautiful photos!


  2. Wow, these are really beautiful pictures! My favourite is the one of the boatwreck. It looks very desolate but beautiful at the same time. I also like the trail.
    Thank you for posting them!
    ~Ruthie & Sitara

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures! I love the trail photo, it seems so endless and peaceful, unlike everyday life. The apple picture is beautiful, I, personally, can't see why you think these aren't the greatest. You really capture the essence of your subject.

  4. Wow! Those are gorgeous photos! I really like your blog!
    Could you visit my blog? The address is-

  5. Beautiful! You're better than you give yourself credit for, you know. My favorites are the trail & the boat. Great job! :)


  6. Awesome! You have awesome pictures. I love the trail and the apple. Good job.


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