Friday, March 19, 2010

Jess and Ruthie: A Tribute

Jessika and Ruth-Ann,
Some people have the power to chance our lives- even after they're no longer a part of it. A sister is a forever friend.

[[Our 200th post is dedicated to Ruthie, Jess, Sitara, and everyone over at MLWB]]


  1. These are gorgeous pictures! I love the lighting; they are so clear and crisp.

  2. Awesome pictures! The outfits look so good on all the dolls and the lighting is amazing.
    Rebecca Rubin

  3. You are so kind Brooke. This is very nice of you! I, too, am planning something to try to make Ruthie feel better. Wonderful photography, as usual!

  4. Oh, Brooke...this is so nice of you! I'm still sad, but this really makes me feel better. ♥ You and Avery are good friends to us.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and the dedication! Happy 200 posts!

    Ruthie (& Sitara ♥)

  5. Such pretty pictures, and that was awfully considerate of you to make a tribute. =)

  6. Great pix and lovely tribute!


  7. Beautiful pictures! I love that combination of the t-shirt with the sundress. How cute.


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