Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kirsten Larson

Kirsten L. Larson
Minnesota circa June 1854

Photography Notes
A lovely girl came into the studio today. A bit shy, but very friendly and polite. She was a stunning child with bright, blue eyes and long, shiny blond braids, tied with cobalt ribbons that brought out the colour of her eyes. She wore a simple, yet beautiful checkered pink and white spring frock with a crisp white apron. An amber heart was worn around her neck, and one could tell that it looked much like a family heirloom. A circle of daisies was placed atop her blond head, and pink ribbons trailed down her back.
I know not much about the Larson family, only that they live on a farm outside
of town and are from Sweden.


  1. Beautiful photos, and the photographer's notes are really interesting! I'm glad that he/she described the colours, because I can imagine what that girl looked like all those years ago...she is so pretty in those photographs!

  2. Nice photos, I love the coloring. The way you wrote the post and described the outfit made her seem so pretty, fresh, and old-fashioned all at the same time!

  3. WONDERFUL! Just Wonderful. Beautiful. I love it. Bye! Jenna

  4. Gorgeous! Kirsten is absolutely stunning! :)


  5. Beautiful photos. They really bring out the beauty in Kirsten. I love how you applied a sepia tone to the photos so they look older. Gorgeous work! :)

  6. Such beautiful pictures of such a lovely girl! Great photography. =)


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