Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Yorkshire Times: Holi

[[A break in hiatus to bring you a newspaper article. Once again, thanks for the inspiration Sitara and Starr. This post is in newspaper form, and I do not mean to copy anyone, it's just a really great idea. Sorry if all the facts are not correct. Lucille Durham, Patrick Liam, The Yorkshire Times, and Mondale Preparatory Academy are all figments of my (Brooke's) imagination, and are not meant to represent real people/places.]]

The Yorkshire Times
Monday March 1st, 2010
Lucille Durham-Community Life Reporter
Local Youth Celebrates Indian Festival

March first, to many American citizens, is just another day. The start of this month brings
hope of fair weather, and with any luck, the sun will be shining warmer and brighter ever day. But the first of March happens to be so much more; it is the Hindu spring festival, Holi. Holi is the second most important festival of India after Diwali, and I had the pleasure to meet a young, Indian-American girl, Sonali Matthews.

"Holi is the festival of spring and color," the thirteen year old eighth grader who attends Mondale Preparatory Academy explains. "It is to welcome the spring and win the blessings of Gods, so there will be fertile land and good harvests."

Ms. Matthews grew up with Hindu customs, as her parents are direct immigrants from India, and both sets of grandparents still live in the country. To celebrate the holiday, Sonali dresses in a bright pink frock, to symbolize the color aspect of the festival. The Matthews, like other Indian families across the world, will mix traditional, colorful dyes as well. Her family will be preparing regional food like 'Gujia' and 'Papad' in celebration.

Happy Holi, Sonali, and all others who celebrate the festival!

Article Written by Lucille Durham
Photography of Sonali Dhara Matthews by Patrick Liam


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sonali! Happy Holi! :)


  2. Happy Holi! A bunch of my friends are actually at the Holi celebration right now at the same temple I went to Divali at, and I wish I could have gone too but I had a soccer game. At least we won. :D Anyway, neat article & cool pictures. Sonali looks pretty!


  3. Happy Holi! :) The pictures are great, Brooke.

  4. Nice article! I like how you even put the "article written", and "photo taken". Did you know that Holi is a North Indian festival? In some parts of South India it is celebrated too, but mostly it's in places in the upper part of India. I only know this because Sonali here told me this. Neela celebrates Holi, though, and we threw colors at each-other!

  5. That was an excellent article! It was very accurate too. :) Your photographs are truly beautiful, and I'm so glad my tutorial helped! #1 is my favourite pic because her eyes are so sparkly.

    I can't believe my mom missed Holi...she has been very stressed lately so I guess it slipped her mind... She's from Delhi btw. :)

    Happy belated Holi!

  6. Great article! Happy Holi! =) I liked the pictures, too. Sonali is very pretty!

  7. Wonderful pictures .. Beautiful Girl!!

    Ta Ta Ha Ha,

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  9. Beautiful pictures, Brooke! The article was great as well.


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