Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liberty Jane Patterns Take 1: Cool Mint Modeled by Nicolette Fleming

Due to various things, I was feeling rather crafty last night, and well... decided to try my hand at sewing.

Basically this was my first attempt at sewing doll clothes, and, though it isn't perfect, I'm very pleased with the outcome. Not too bad for someone who barely know show to operate a sewing machine!

The first shirt I made is in a cool, green/blue mint colour, perfect for summer. The shade almost reminds me of a breeze, or perhaps the crash of waves... Either way, I really like the fabric, which can look more green or blue in different lighting (in the photos, it's taking on more of a blue tone, but in reality it is more green). It is a relatively light weight, knit cotton that I thought would work nicely. The dolls here are in desperate need of some casual warm weather clothes, and I jumped at the opportunity to use a colour that American Girl rarely does.

After choosing my fabric, the next step was the pattern. I'm using the Liberty Jane T-Shirt pattern, and overall, it was really nice. They include good, step by step directions that are easy to follow (even for me, and that's saying something!). The sleeves were a bit of issue, but I was able to do all right, I suppose. I did have some trouble with the neckline, though, and getting the shirt to lay right. It was bunching up, and just kind of... wrong, for lack of a better word. I had to a little 'creative', per say, in the back with the snap closure to get it looking right.

Well, several somewhat frustrating hours later, we have a slightly wonky, but definitely acceptable shirt! It actually turned out quite nice, I have to say. Not couture quality, that's for sure, but a good start, considering it is our first.

The fabric, when hemming the bottom, actually 'ruffled' a bit. I think it was because the type of material used. It wasn't supposed to do that, but I actually kind of like it. The ruffle at the bottom gives it a nice touch, though it may be a little too young and girly looking. It makes our shirt a bit more unique, since everyone and their mother/sister/cousin/aunt/friend/etc. is using the pattern to make their own shirt. Liberty Jane warns about the type of fabric that stretches, and I think that was the kind we used, which is why the shirt has the weird looking bottom hem.

Nicolette, more commonly known as Nicki, was glad to model the new shirt. She got outside for a photo shoot, wearing the new top. We paired it with a jean skirt and western style boots for the warmer weather, and accessorized with a simple green necklace. I was surprised Miss Fleming actually wore a skirt, let alone her hair down, since she's quite the tom-boy. Nicki is one of those dolls that just loves to be outside. As she spends more time in the sun this spring, her freckles are getting darker and more apparent, and her sandy blond hair is lightening up a bit. Though, we weren't able to stay outside long because of rain!
Anyways, I think it turned out pretty good for our first real attempt at sewing any type of doll clothes. What do you think?

Up next: Liberty Jane Patterns Take 2: Military Green Modeled By Amelia St. Clair


  1. I can't wait to see the next outfit! Nicolette looks so pretty here! Something always goes wrong when I try to sew something- and your sewing things like this and saying its bad! It's quite the opposite actually! :)
    Lola Bean :)

  2. Je l'aime! C'est tres chouette et jolie! :D
    Nicki est vraiment belle, aussi.
    ~Ruthie et Sitara

  3. Very, very cute!

    I hope Liberty Jane sees this blog and posts the link on their facebook, blog, website, etc.... :)


  4. Very cute! I love the little ruffle at the bottom! For your first doll clothes sewing job, it came out great! I love the color of the shirt. Very cool but also gives off a nice bright vibe. And it looks lovely on Nicki. :)

  5. That is great, Brooke! I love the mint green/pale blue fabric and the ruffly bottom, especially. I actually think it looks better that way! That was a very good job! I can't wait to see your next shirt. :)


  6. I really need to get some of those patterns. I think it looks great! Nicki is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for showing!

  7. Hi Avery,
    I think you did a great job on your tee. The more you sew, the better you get at it! It's very spring!!

  8. That is so cute! And I think the ruffle on the bottom adds character to it. Makes it a one-off Brooke Couture piece, instead of an exact copy of Liberty Jane :)

  9. Very cute! Some tips on the sewing:
    -all t-shirt material will stretch, but use material with the least possible stretch for best results
    - use a jersey needle or ballpoint needle on your sewing machine
    -if your machine has the option, use a stretch stitch (it sews two stitches forward, one back, 2 forward, one back) so it won't stretch out as much
    - if not, make the stitch length longer (3 or 3.5)

    Good luck on your next tees!


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