Friday, April 9, 2010

Liberty Jane Patterns Take 2: Military Green Modeled By Amelia St. Clair

Our second shirt was made in a green fabric. I thought it was more of a military green, but possibly it's more olive colored. In the photos it looks almost gray, but in person it has much more of a green tone. Either way, it's another colour not used much by American Girl, so I'm glad to be able to add it to the dolls' wardrobe.

Anyways, all I can say about the second shirt is that it was a lot easier to make. The mint shirt took me about three to four hours (yeah, pretty sad), but this one only took an hour and half. I was able to fix the neckline, the sleeves came out better, there was no 'ruffle', and overall it turned out really nice. The fit on this version is better, too. I think it helped that I actually tried it on the doll as I was sewing :P There was only one careless mistake made, so I'm very pleased with this!

I know these shirts probably look extremely amateur and mediocre, especially to all you seamstresses out there, but I'm extremely proud of them since it's basically my first time making doll clothes, and they actually look good!

I immediately chose Mia to model this because of her pretty hazel eyes. They go great with the colour of the shirt. We paired the shirt with some distressed Liberty Jane jeans, flip flops, and accessorized with a blue necklace. I actually made the necklace last night as well. The beads were incredibly small, but it looks very nice.Both shirts turned out surprisingly well. I'm actually kind of amazed at how good they actually look! There's a lot of people to thank for the recent inspiration, including Libby/Nicki, Rose, Melody Valerie, and Sitara, among others. And of course, a HUGE thank-you to Liberty Jane for the pattern. It fun, easy to follow, and there were great results!


  1. Wow, that looks great! I'm impressed with it, and practice makes perfect ;)

  2. Thats very beautiful! :)
    Casual, but in a pretty way.
    I love the necklace.

    Ahh, now I need Mia even more...

  3. It looks great! I love the green color. It looks lovely on Mia. :)

  4. You did a great job .. if you talk to any seasoned seamstress they will tell you that there is always room to do it better .. you are just starting out and you are doing great work. I am really impressed.

    Ta Ta,

  5. Definitely looks good! We don't sew at all, lol, so you're ahead of the game. =)

  6. turned out nice! I would so wear that shirt.

  7. Another beautiful shirt! I love this color on Mia (it definitely brings out the hazel-y tone in her eyes) and I love how you paired it with that cute pair of flipflops and LJ jeans. :)
    You are a very good seamstress, Brooke! Keep making clothes!


  8. You did a really great job on the shirt! You're right- it looks great on Mia!


  9. CAMO... she needs some Camo pants to go with that T.

  10.'s really really great!! Boy, I need to get those patterns...XD


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