Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday! :)

We're celebrating quite a few birthdays this weekend! Friday was Rose's birthday! Happy Birthday, my blogger friend! =D So, we're celebrating that birthday from afar. But today (Saturday November 7th) is also Erin's birthday! Happy Birthday, Erin! And how many times can I say 'birthday' in a few sentences? Haha :P

Anyways, since Erin has kind of been our Gwen stand in, she had a party with Sonali and Chrissa. (PS- A couple people have asked, and yes, Brooke did get Chrissa in late September but did not post about it, for various, complex reasons I'm not going to get in to.) They had a lot fun at their party, I wish I could have came.

She received a new pair of fancy shoes, a stuffed animal, a camera, and a soccer ball (not pictured!) for her birthday! Plus, they had a yummy heart-shaped cake with strawberries. (Thanks HelloMiss)

Happy Birthday, Erin and Rose! From your friend,

P.S. I changed the template back to my old one, I like this better :)


  1. Happy birthday Erin! I miss you Avery :( I won't be online for a I said on my blog, we're hopefully going to get faster internet soon!

  2. Happy birthday, Erin! :-)
    There have been so many b-days this weekend! Mine is on Nov. 9th, Monday (That was the day Sunny 'got' me last year). Hope you had fun!


  3. Aw, thanks Avery! :) Happy birthday to Erin, too! Almost-birthday buddies! :D It seems like there are a lot of birthdays around this time....

    I like this template a lot, too!


  4. It's my birthday today!!!! I'm turning 8!!!! Happy Birthday Erin and Rose!!!! How old are you guys turning?


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