Monday, November 9, 2009

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas... a holiday ball!

Images property of: KATIE (picture of my fictional character "Casey") and LIBERTY JANE (background image on the invitation). Thanks KATIE and LIBERTY JANE for the images! :) The pictures are not mine, and I am not taking credit for them! They are property of KATIE and LIBERTY JANE !!!!!
The most popular girl in our school is hosting a holiday ball! Her name is Casey Quaine, and I guess you could say she's the perfect, stereotypical image of a popular girl. You know, blond, rich, sort of snotty, etc. Anyways, every year since like 3rd grade, around the week before Christmas she holds a holiday ball for all her closest friends. She starts the preparations early November, that's how big a deal it is! There's dancing and food, and she goes all out with a stunning dress. Last year she wore a gorgeous, sparkly blue gown, shown above.

Usually she only invites her best friends (or minions, I guess you could call them...). Obviously, I've never been invited before. But this year her mom is making her invite the entire 8th grade! She handed out the invitations today at school. Actually, she looked genuinely excited when I told her "I'll try to make it, Casey. Thanks." Still, I can't help but thinking its too good to be true...
Don't the invitations look really nice?

The party is at her house. It's really close to my school, only like 20 minutes away (even though she still boards here at Mondale). It's in a really ritzy area called "English Manor". The places there are huge, really elaborate, Victorian mansions. Some of them are over 100 years old! She supposedly has a ball room (yeah, in her house!) with a crystal chandelier that is decorated for the holidays with giant Christmas trees, lights, etc.
Ivy said her friend Julie went a few years ago, and Julie said that it was absolutely amazing!

I'm not sure if I'm going to go or not... I really don't know. The only reason she invited me is because her mom made her. But Casey's never really been mean to me, she just has a naturally "snotty" attitude, that's just who she is. Today when she gave me the invitation she actually seemed pretty nice, and genuinely glad that I said I might come. Plus, that ball does sound awfully fun. I think practically everyone is going, it's like the social event of the year. I'd have to pick out a dress. Maybe Brooke would even be nice enough to order me a new one! :) I highly doubt that, though.



  1. I think you should go. It sounds like fun; are any of your friends (in your circle) going?

    On another note, I really love Liberty Jane's new holiday outfits! Maybe if you butter her up enough, Brooke will get you a dress from there or Melody Valerie as a holiday gift! Some girls here have already started on that tactic in order to score awesome presents. ;D


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  3. This is cute! We posted a link to this post on the LJC Facebook Fan Page. :)

  4. Sounds exciting! Definitely you should go! That reminds me, I have to get crackin' on our own holiday dance...


  5. Wonderful post! Is Casey a JLY #27? And do you know where she got that gorgeous blue dress from?

  6. Sounds fun! I just love Christmas time! :-)


  7. Ooh, I just LOVE parties! You should go, like Rose said, are any of your "minions" going to be there? If you DO go, have fun!


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