Sunday, November 15, 2009

Samantha's new couture coat!

Hello, everyone! I know Avery usually posts on this blog, but today she is letting me! I'm Samantha Parkington, Avery may have mentioned me before.
I have a new coat for this winter season! :) Brooke found it at a craft show this weekend for a great price. It came with a velvet hat, and she added Kirsten's mittens (not shown very well in the photos, sorry).
I'm not sure if this would be considered a couture item or not... The definition of couture, according to is:
Created or produced by a fashion designer; being, having, or suggesting the style, quality, etc., of a fashion designer; very fashionable.
Either way, I think it's very cute! It isn't totally historically accurate, though. It looks fine for the early 1900's, but the body of the coat (red fabric) is made of synthetic polar fleece, which wasn't even around in 1904! The cuffs and collar are made of velvet, and the hat is velvet as well. The coat has real working buttons instead of snaps or velcro.
I'm so glad to have a coat, even if it isn't perfect. Plus, my favorite color is red, so that works out well!

Enjoy the photos! They were took rather quickly, and not edited much :P

Guest Blogger,
-Samantha Parkington


  1. I love this! A gorgeous girl in a gorgeous coat :) Your Sam is stunningly beautiful.

  2. Ooh you look so pretty Samantha! That coat looks nice and toasty. Red is my favorite color to :D

  3. Congrats on the new coat, Samantha! Whether it is considered couture or not, it is still very cute and warm (or at least it looks warm!).

    I love the last two pictures!


  4. That is a gorgeous coat, Samantha! I think it looks lovely on you! :-)


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  6. That is really pretty Samantha!

  7. That Coat is ADORABLE I LUV it.I personaly own Rebbeca/Beckie and I have a Question for you My dolls hair is all frizzy at the bottume near the ends.Is Sam's hair like that? I'm just curios because mine in Brand new like a few months.And I 've followed the directions So Ya please let me know or anyone leave a post and replie.PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU.



    Ur site rock and so does the roses are red one!!!!If you haven't check it out!!!!

  8. OMG love the coat. sorry you retird :-(


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