Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ruthie has undergone a name change! Her name is now Caroline. She is the Ruthie character's twin sister, and she still is a historical living in the 1930s. Caroline, also know as Cara, is very practical and logical, not much like her twin Ruthie, who is loves fairy tales and fantasy. She is very smart as well! :)

Sorry for not posting much! Life sure is bussssy! My next post will be me with all of Brooke's musical instruments!

Well, off to do homework! I have an algebra lesson, and a report for American History!



  1. Cara seems nice! It is hard to keep track of all the dolls though...That's a pretty picture of her!

  2. Ooh what a pretty doll! Caroline is a perfect name for her! Now you could get a 41# and name HER Ruthie. Cara looks WAY cute in that outfit, I might have to borrow that jacket from Kit's owner, Emily :D
    Spencer (stealing Mia's account)

  3. That is a perfect name for her. She looks just like a Caroline! Beautiful picture of her, too. :)


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