Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sorry for not being on much... We've all been very busy! I included a picture of Julie, just because I like to have a picture in every post! Well, just a few things:
  • Brooke has a hopelessly long couture/AG wish list
  • Brooke is playing her trombone quite well now :)
  • Today is Halloween, and I'm being a witch! (post coming Sunday or Monday)
  • I think I may be getting sick (I have a cough)
  • I have a large American History essay due very soon :( Plus a bunch of test...
Once again, sorry for not being on much. School is really keeping me busy!


  1. Aw, I know what that's like!
    Julie looks adorable, by the way! :)

    Happy Halloween!


  2. Julie looks sweet in that outfit, blue really works for her. I've been busy, too, that's why I haven't been around as much. This time of year sure is hectic! Still, pop in when you can!



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