Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today is a cool, crisp, sunny autumn day. Perfect weather! :) I thought I'd share a photo of Nicki I shot today.

Sorry that posts are getting fewer and fewer. Things have just been busy lately, that's all! Also, I'm sorry that myself and the other dolls have been taking over Avery's blog!



  1. Nicki is really pretty! I love that picture :D I like your posts, but since I'm a doll I can't wait to hear from Avery again S) Spencer loves your posts! I wish Nicki lived at our house....

  2. Nicki is so cute! But I like you r posts too! I wish I had Nicki!!!!

  3. Nicki is very cute! Great picture, Brooke! :-)


  4. What a cute photo!
    PS: It's OK you didn't post for a while. I totally understand.


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