Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nellie!

Happy Birthday, Nellie Jaclyn O' Malley!

October 15th was Nellie's birthday! :) She had a great day! Samantha, Lydia, and I threw her a small party. And guess what? Since poor Nellie doesn't have ANY clothes except her PJ's, meet dress, and winter coat, Brooke is getting her a dress for her birthday!

Brooke is letting her choose whichever one she wants, but Nellie's having a hard time deciding. We've narrowed down to two dresses from the Dollies' Dressmaker and one from terristouch. Personally, I like the striped one, just because I think it'd look better with Nellie's coloring. But I think any of them would look lovely on her. Which one do you like? Dress #1, the plaid one with the pinafore from terristouch, Dress #2, the floral green one from the Dollies' Dressmaker, or Dress #3, the striped one from the Dollies' Dressmaker? I'm making it into a poll on the sidebar (be sure to vote!). I'm not promising we'll get the one that wins, but I'm interested to see what others think.

And, another thing:
One of the main reasons Brooke founded this blog was to "get to know" me again. Brooke kind of drifted out of AG's for over a year. Then she came back strong! So, she made this blog kind of reconnect with me. She had to think about my personality, my interests, take photos, etc. Now that Brooke is selling some dolls, I think I will begin to share my blog with all the other girls here at Mondale (our school). I think it would be a lot of fun, more interesting, and give them a chance for some attention too.



  1. Happy Birthday Nellie (we have the best birthday, right?) And I think it would be good if all the dolls posted... :D

  2. Happy birthday, Nellie!

    I think it will be fun for the other dolls to post also. :)

  3. Happy birthday! :)

    I think you should get the third one for Nellie. It's very cute and unique. You'd be the only one I know of to have it! :)



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