Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jasmine, and looking back

Beautiful #26... She's been with us almost a year! She came from American Girl Place Chicago, handpicked, on January 2nd, 2009, along with her friend, Sonali Matthews. This poor girl, her name and story have changed so many times... She's been named Noelle, to Sasha, to Jocelyn, and now Jasmine. She hardly has a story, and even so its always changing as well. Lately she's been hanging around with Kit and Ruthie, but now she's becoming modern again. This girl needs to make up her mind! She needs to tell me where she fits.
I've been intimidated by her hair and haven't done much with her, only changing her clothes once every few months. But now she is ready for the holidays! :) This picture was taken in front of our Christmas tree (more holiday portraits coming soon!) She is wearing the Sparkly Plum dress from American Girl. I think the purple color suits her, and really sets off her lovely skin-tone and eye color. #26 really is a beautiful doll, her hair is just a pain! I've hardly touched her (she's been a "sit and look pretty" display doll) and her hair is SO frizzy! I guess I'm just not used to it, but even so, she is my favorite JLY doll. Her look is so unique, and those gorgeous amber eyes are to die for!

Well, that's my spiel about this stunning dollie!
And, guess what, this blog is almost a year old! It was created on December 27th, 2008. Looking back at all the posts, I can see how much myself and my dolls have changed! My photography is loads better (partially thanks to a new camera), my blogging style is different, etc.
It's crazy to think its been a year since I started sharing Avery's story with the world! :) I'll be having a huge post on the 27th to celebrate.

Happy Holidays,

PS- I've added music to the blog. It's Christmas music (Carol of the Bells) and Harry Potter (Hedwig's Theme). I tried to make these appropriate for everyone, but if you wish not to listen to them, most computers have a "mute" button ;)


  1. Jasmine is so lovely! Beautiful!

  2. #26 is truly a gorgeous doll. I love her unique amber-brown eyes and her curly brown hair. Happy 1 year anniversary, Brooke and Avery!


  3. I love #26, but can understand about her hair. I was just looking at a web album and wondering if you could brush it.....

  4. Jasmine est vraiment jolie! Sa robe est parfait avec ses yeux.

    J'aime bien le chanson, et aussi, j'adore le photo.


  5. Hi Avery! Happy Holidays! You too Jasmine and Brook-have a swell December!

  6. Jasmine is gorgeous! I wish I could say I wanted my own #26 - I have a name picked out for her! - but her hair does intimidate me too much. I think I'll stick with #31 and her more manageable wig.

    Have you tried to repair her messy curls as you would Nicki's? Although they don't really look too messy in photos. ;)

    I love Carol of the Bells and Hedwig's Theme. :)


  7. Jasmin is gorgeous! I would love to eventually get a #26.
    Elle est vraiment jolie!

  8. Oh, Avery, I did not even notice how much alike our templates are! I did sort-of customize mine, though, with a green theme. I just think this is perfect for winter!



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