Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Melody Valerie- Ivy Cape

Melody Valerie Couture- The Ivy Cape

An absolutely wonderful piece of couture, Ruthie quickly claimed it. Melody Valerie does not disappoint! The Ivy Cape is made of lovely, dark green fabric with a shiny silver lining. The clasps are beautiful, pearly white buttons with loop holes, and the hood has amazing detail.

I (Brooke) took Ruthie out into the woods today. We *finally* have a a somewhat substantial amount of snow, and she was glad to have her warm cloak! She is wearing this over her Holiday Dress, if you're wondering.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Thanks, Melody Valerie!
Walking in the snowRuthie in the snow


  1. What a gorgeous cape! Now I'm feeling the need for a doll cape. Melody Valerie clothes are gorgeous. Good choice! Ruthie looks stunning :)

  2. Very pretty! Ruthie looks quite content with her new cloak!


  3. Wow, that cape is gorgeous. It looks like it was made for Ruthie! The snow makes it seem fairy-tale-ish, too. :)



  4. Gorgeous cape! It looks so pretty with Ruthie's holiday dress. Congrats!


  5. Everyone needs to stop posting pictures of Ruthie or else I'll go crazy....she's so cute! Beautiful pictures, that cape is adorable. :)

  6. That is beautiful! It looks great on Ruthie. =)

  7. I love your photos! (Well, I always do, but especially these ones)

    Ruthie looks stunningly elegant and princess-like in the Melody Valerie cape! My Ruthie is sitting next to me, also in Melody Valerie...a surprise item came today! :D

    Happy New Year & new decade!


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