Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Year!

Today is our one-year blogoversary, and I almost forgot to post! As I'm typing, it's already 11:32 PM! Just a busy day, and it slipped my mind. Well, the 27th (or was it the 26th?) was met with the first real photo of the Lanie doll! I think she looks very pretty, and her story is nice. Plus, I really like her outfit ;) But Brooke isn't too sure about the wig, she says it looks "funky" from the pictures. In my opinion the sidebangs are cute, but real-life photos will help. Brooke said if the wig was right, she might use her as a base for a custom doll. But the side bangs kind of ruin that plan. I don't know if Brooke would have even went through with the custom doll anyways, though. She says she doesn't think she'll be getting Lanie now, but I don't know how true that is :P But really, we have enough dolls around here, and Brooke is still contemplating whether to order some Chrissa items before the end of the year. Uhhh, I hate the feeling of "I have to have everything". It just makes collecting AG's no fun. The amount of $ is absurd. But I guess this is Brooke getting to my head, and more her words than mine.

Anyways, I can't believe it's been a year since I first started the blog. So many things have changed, it's hard to fathom. 2009 has flown by so fast, in just a few short days we'll be entering 2010! It's so exciting, yet kind of scary.

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  1. Happy Blog-versary! :)
    Lanie's side bangs *are* kind of weird. I mean, Lindsey's are pretty cute, but Lanie's? Not so much. She seems cute otherwise, but I doubt she'll enroll here.


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  3. HAPPY BLOG-OVERSARY!!!! I hope I spelled that right! I hope Lanie comes to Pacific Valley! I think her side bangs are kind of cute if they weren't too short! 178 posts is a ton!!! Way to go!!! :)
    Lola Bean :)

  4. Hey Avery!
    I remember the first post I ever read on your blog was on valentines day when you and your sisters were stuck in your boxes. I felt sorry for you and remember posting about it on my blog :) Congrats to one year, I just celebrated mine and so did Rose! I didn't notice her bangs until you mentioned them. They are different, but in a cute way I think :)

  5. Happy one-year blogoversary! Your blog is doing very well and your photography has really improved from average to top-notch!

    "I have to have everything" is a really bad sentiment which unfortunately is rife in the world of AG collecting. Usually when deciding to buy something, I think...
    a. Is this an item I really love?
    b. Do I have something like it already?
    c. Is it something I'll use? (in photoshoots, movies, etc.)
    d. Is it something important to the doll's storyline/life?
    I hope that'll help Brooke decide about the Chrissa stuff!

    I totally agree about 2009 flying by. It is scary, especially considering that 2009 has been the best year of my life and I've no clue about what will happen in 2010! I hope you all have a Happy New Year!


  6. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY! I had mine a few months back. Wow...I know what you mean by this year flying by so quickly. I can't believe I've been in America for a year! I really love Lanie's hair...hmm...maybe I need side bangs...

  7. Happy blogoversary! Your blog has some of the best photos!

  8. Congrats, Avery! I agree, your photography has become really great since you've started this blog. You're a very nice doll and I've enjoyed seeing your blog grow.

    May there be many more!



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