Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not a good day

Brooke's American Girl order is seriously messed up. Very complicated. Frustrating. I'm not even going to try to explain.



  1. Sorry :( Everything's so busy around the holidays, many other people are probably ordering things too. It seems like you've had this problem before...?
    Anyway, I hope the holidays cheer you up!

  2. Aaw, what did Brooke order? Do you know? Mia's right, it's probably because American Girl is so busy right now. :(
    Happy two days till Christmas!!!
    Lola Bean :)

  3. Blegh. I hope you can sort it out,

  4. That stinks! I hope Brooke can sort it out. ;-)


  5. :( I hope it will work out and that you'll still be able to enjoy the vacation!


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