Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Doll Focus: Ruth Anne Smithens

Meet Ruth Anne, more commonly known as Ruthie; a fantasy-loving dreamer from Cincinnati. Ruthie came to live with us in July 2008, much to the delight of her best friend Kit Kittredge. Ruthie loves princesses, fairy tales, and playing pretend. She is known for her great imagination and fun personality. Ruthie is originally from the 1930's, but occasionally time travels. She has curly, red-brown hair and gray eyes. During the holiday season, Ruthie's favorite thing to do is bake cookies, go sledding, and decorate the Christmas tree. This is her second holiday with us, and she is happy to spending time with her friends.


  1. Ruthie is absolutely adorable! I just love the color of her eyes and her unique shade of brown hair. Such a pretty girl :-)

    Merry Christmas!

    Sunny (using Cali's account)

  2. Oh no, not you, too! I keep pushing Ruthie farther and farther away - but I swear I'm going to get her next! LOL, I have to, since I keep getting enabled by all of these gorgeous photos, and one of my aliases is PrincessRuthie - so why don't I have her yet?

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous girl...


  3. Merry Christmas Eve, Ruthie and Avery!

    Ruthie looks tres jolie! I like how the first photo shows her more girly, princess-y side while the second is more sporty. Lovely photos! Ruthies are stunning. :D

    ~Sitara & Ruth-Ann


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