Sunday, September 20, 2009

Attention for Erin

*post by Brooke*

Here are some photos of Erin Yeager. She is a JLY #12. I got her off of eBay, in an auction with a bunch of clothes. I haven't quite"connected" or "bonded" with her. I think it's because the main reason I wanted the lot was because of all the retired clothes, and it was a good price. More of an impulse buy.
Erin's very athletic, but that's basically all I know about her. She plays about every sport under the sun, soccer, volleyball, baseball, etc. Her quirky trait is that she always wears her hair up in a high pony tail, I don't know why, she's just stubborn and doesn't like her hair down.
She wasn't the least bit girly when I first got her, but lately she's been revealing a more feminine side, and saying that she really likes animals (hence Coconut is in the pictures)

For this photo shoot, she wanted to have a "skater" look. She's wearing an American Girl Place Chicago T-Shirt, the blue camo Bermuda shorts from the Skate Boarding outfit (the skate board is from this outfit too), and Nicki's sandals from her Tie Top and Shorts outfit. Can't forget about Coconut either!
Well, I'm still getting to know Erin. If we can't bond, I might end up selling her. But I was thinking last night about if I really wanted to get rid of my dolls, or if I felt I had to get rid of them, for complicated personal reasons I'm not going to share.

Just a note: posts might be sparse this coming week. I may have a few scheduled posts, but just expect a short hiatus Monday through next Monday.


  1. Cute photo! oh man, i bid on that doll hoping i would get her *sigh* oh well and i think you really shouldn't sell yours dolls you will really regret it!

  2. She looks like a great doll, but if you don't absolutely want her you should probably sell her.

  3. Erin is really cute - she looks good in her high ponytail. It suits her!


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