Friday, September 4, 2009

Historical Dolls...

...are quite complex creatures, sometimes I don't fully understand them. I guess it's just because I'm modern, where as a time traveler, or another historical, wouldn't have any trouble adjusting to them. I've been hanging around with Nellie lately, and she's nice, but just so different.
Well, that was completely random! :P

On another note, Brooke has been stressing out. She's overwhelmed by new things... She wants so many of the new AG items, and couture, and she knows she can't possibly get it all, if any of it. AG collecting is a viscous cycle, you think you're happy with your collection, then they have to come out with a bunch of new items that you like. She's completely freaking out over "needing" to get things before they are gone, like Chrissa, her outfits, Gwen, limited edition couture, the 3 JLY's that she thought were retiring, outfits she think might retire, etc. Then AG throws all these new things in, plus her crazy everyday life/problems. It's just insane!

On yet another note, school starts for me on Tuesday! I'll post about it soon!

This post was basically just to update everyone...


  1. I totally know how Brooke feels, Avery! I really want to get Rebecca first, but I also couture dresses for my dolls, AND I'm going to Ikea today... *sigh*


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  3. All this new stuff makes it so hard to pick what to get next! Sunny doesn't know if she wants Rebecca still or a new JLY or even a few outfits for the dolls she already has! :-)


  4. I totally know how Brooke feels! If she had any tips for me in enjoying what you have an not being so freaked out, I would appreciate it!

    Julie is my modern girl and thinks history dolls are a little weird, too. ;) AND THE 70's IS GOOD HISTORY, she says.


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