Monday, September 21, 2009


Brooke just ordered 2 outfits online! :) One is for Mia and the other is for Sonali, most likely. This girl confuses me... she's been talking about getting rid of AG stuff, not getting more! I don't know... haha!

Just a reminder, there will be a short hiatus today through next Monday! Thanks, and talk to you later.



  1. cool! what is a hiatus?
    ps: i find it hard to comment on this blog. i have to press "post comment like 5 times before the code thingy comes up!

  2. Sophia, hiatus is the word people use when they are going away, busy, or just won't have access to a computer to blog for some time :D
    Exciting! And if she is getting rid of five or so dolls, two outfits are fine? Right...

  3. Hi Avery! That's exciting that your friends there are getting two new outfits! I hope you'll share photos when they arrive!

    ~ The Valdez Quints


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