Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New dolls, clothing, and accessories coming!

The new AG catalog has been sent out, and guess what's in it?

For Julie: A new bike, a fondue set, a kitchen table, and two new outfits
Chrissa: Snow outfit and snow gear
Rebecca: Hanukkah dress, Hanukkah set, phonograph, and love seat
New JLY dolls: light skin, freckles, short red hair, and green eyes
med skin, wavy black brown hair, and blue eyes
light skin, caramel hair, blue eyes
light skin, freckles, straight red hair, hazel eyes
JLY outfits: Sparkly Plum Outfit, robe and penguin PJ's, winter PJ's, bed and bedding, dance outfit, winter coat and pants, something for the pets, skirt outfit, and a new flip chair.

These new items are coming out on Thursday!
Thanks to member sierraandkaylie from American Girl Playthings for this information!

Brooke is really excited for the new JLY dolls, they all sound very pretty, especially the one with medium skin, wavy black/brown hair, and blue eyes. I have a feeling these dollies will make it onto the never ending wish list!
Rebecca's new things sound really neat too, everything sounds great!



  1. The 4th JLY sounds tempting, but I will *not* waver in my resolve...still, I do wish that they had done her with caramel hair and not red.
    And is it just me, or does the #3rd & 4th sound like alternate-Nicki and alternate-Mia?
    Thanks for the info though! :)

    ~Sitara, too lazy to sign in

  2. Hi Sitara,
    Thanks for commenting!
    Yep, I'm pretty sure AG made some JLY look alikes for Nicki and Mia, for those who missed out on them in the previous years. It's a pretty good marketing strategy. From the description they sound a lot like Nicki and Mia, except Nicki had curly hair. The 4th JLY sounds almost identical to Mia, except maybe they'll use the auburn hair color instead of Mia's strawberry blond.

  3. Oh my gosh thanks soooooo much Avery for posting this! Aaaah!!! Now I really want the med skin, black/brown hair, blue eyes one! It's exactly what girls from Ireland look like!!!

    Your friends,

    pioneerfan04 and my dolls

  4. I haven't gotten my catalog yet. I can't wait to see it now! Thanks for the review.

  5. Wow! That's awesome! Sunny was hoping, hoping, hoping they'd make a doll with red hair and green eyes. I can't wait to receive the next catalog!


  6. I want all of Julie and Chrissa's stuff. Maybe I can get Chrissa's. (Christmas) Though Christmas is far away, I think I have my list ready

  7. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Sparkly Plum outfit. I hope it's as pretty as the Silver Belle dress and that I actually get it. I still don't have a holiday dress, isn't that très triste? Maybe it'll match the old Sugarplum coat? I hope so because I need to use that coat more.


  8. But what's with the blue eyes?! Aren't there enough dolls with blue eyes? I need brown eye love! The caramel-haired gal should have brown eyes; she's definitely a Not!Nicki with blue. I also think the green-eyed redhead (with short hair) should've had brown eyes, but that's just me.

    You know, brown eyes are a dominant trait, yet it seems like most dolls out there don't have brown eyes. Blue eyes are recessive, AG! (LOL, Sophie talks science because Sophie lives and breathes Science, hehe.)


  9. EEEk! i need to see them...! I am so excited

  10. Ohhh,I will love them! I like the curly-haired doll with the brown hair and eyes! I also love the one with the red hair and green eyes. She looks like Ginny Weasly!


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