Sunday, September 13, 2009

Being a favorite doll...

Because of my blog, Brooke is almost forced to take lots of pictures of me, develop my personality, etc. I'm the one that Brooke does things with. Where as other dolls hardly get any attention! Jasmine, our #26, isn't "played" with too much, and neither is Ruthie, Julie, Marisol, or Erin (#12). I feel guilty when I'm out every day getting my clothes changed and picture taken, when they've been sitting in the same spot for months. I'm worried that Brooke might start selling some of us. I doubt she'd sell me, but she's been talking about getting rid of some of my friends.
But at the same time, she was watching the QVC show today and said she wanted Gwen, Chrissa, Molly, #23, #27, and #28!!! Uhhhh....

On another note, I have to go back to school tomorrow. I'm having trouble adjusting to my new routine/schedule. Plus, I've been putting off my homework til the last second, so I better go do that now...



  1. I feel that way, too sometimes, since Sunny takes lots of pictures of me and I have my own blog. Lately she's been trying to involve the other dolls though.
    I hope you have a great day at school! Good luck with the homework ;-)


  2. oh poor things! Maybie if she does sell them they will go to more loving people?
    Hey! I have an idea! What if you have a party or something with them?
    hope they get attention soon!

  3. It's just because us French dolls are so much fun to do things with! :) Not everyone here gets as much attention from Laura as I do, but she loves us all for various reasons.


  4. I can't say I think about being a 'favorite' much, actually. Vee never actually mentions it, at least not to us. ;-)



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