Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some good (and bad) news!

A friend of Brooke's is going to Chicago this week (Monday-Friday I believe) and she is going to stop at the AGP! She said she's going to take lots of pictures while she's there, of all the new items. I don't think she'll be our personal shopper though. Brooke's been trying to sell some AG's, so we really don't need to get any more! I'm still excited, though. And maybe, just maybe, a new friend will come home.

And, for the bad news. You might have noticed above that I typed "Brooke is trying to sell..." instead of "Brooke is thinking about selling..."
Also, some of you may have seen our sidebar with the "Dolls of Mondale", well, Brooke substantially shortened that list.

I'm sad to see these guys go... :( Maybe she won't follow through with it. But, Brooke's already photographed them and typed out most of the info. I think Kaya might already be listed on CL. Adios amigos! ='(

We have a new layout for fall! What do you think? On our computer the background is brown, but it is supposed to be green. What does it look like on your computer?


  1. Aw. That is sad that ten of your friends are leaving! I hope Starr never sells any of her dolls!

    Does Brooke want to get rid of those dolls to make room for some new ones, or is she just trying to downsize her collection? I love new dolls, but it's always sad to see some go.


  2. I'm sorry Avery!
    It's true that dolls aren't as fun when you don't "connect" with them. I hope you can make new friends, but still be in touch with your old ones!

  3. I'm sorry Avery! :( Can you give me the link to the Craigslist auctions in a comment? I would LOVE to see your dolls you are selling! I also want to see if any of them are good deals!


  4. Thanks everyone!

    We haven't listed them yet, if we do, we'll comment on your blog!

  5. That is sad your friends are going--but I guess they aren't your 'friends' if you haven't connected with them. On the bright side--more clothes for those of you that are left! :D
    Personally, I think it is a good idea, because too many dolls must be quite overwhelming. Plus, once they are sold you can get more AG stuff.

  6. Brooke got rid of Gia!!! :'( and is she selling Elizabeth? I don't see her.

  7. Oh. :( OH! This is awful!!!!!! Mia, Kaya, Lydia, Marisol, Gia, Erin, Elizabeth, Felicity, Sierra, Jasmine, is that it?????? OH I feel awful for you!! On my computer, the backround is brown but pretty!

    ~Sammie Annabelle

  8. who are you selling? what will you selling them on? How many dolls do you have now?

  9. Sitara--too lazy to sign in :oSeptember 19, 2009 at 10:40 PM

    I'm sorry you had to sell them, but I know from personal experience that having a doll who you can't connect with is no fun.

    Good luck selling them. :)

  10. One doll I noticed that was gone was Jasmine.I feel so sad.It must be hard to sell your dolls.

  11. Also I see it as Brown too.I can kinda see the green but not much.


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