Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Am I Changing?

J'ai l'impression que ma personnalité a beaucoup changé depuis que j'ai commencé ce blog. (I feel that my personality has changed a lot since I started this blog. )

Before, I thought I was a shy, book smart tom-boy. But now, I find myself in modeling competitions and frilly pink dresses? It makes me think, ce qui s'est passé? (what happened?)

I have always been changing, since I came here in January '06. I was French, but my interests came and went, along with last names, etc. I don't think I've ever told anyone, but Brooke thought my original name Avery didn't sound French, so she renamed me Gabrielle! But Avery always stuck. I've had previous last names too, like James, Wilson, Vanderpol, and now Voisin.

But once I started the blog, I was pretty sure that I had my personality and interests figured out. I guess that my blog actually changed me, where I could do new things, like playing the piano, soccer (I wasn't sporty at all before) and modeling.

It's amazing what a year can change!



  1. Mia from Sisters In ♥September 1, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    Hi Avery!
    I think I'm changing to. At first I was a big girlie girl, when I started my blog. Over time I became a totall tomboy! Now, I'm trying out for cheerleading? Ay-yi-yi!

  2. I think lots of us change! Us dolls tend to change our personality a lot :) You're are still my best #25 blogging friend, no matter how you change :)
    -Aimee from American Girl Adentures

  3. I think blogging does change your personality, I used to never have my nose out of a book but now I go around taking pictures, and I have learnt how to sew. :)


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