Monday, August 31, 2009


I made it to the top 3 in the AG Modeling Academy on youtube, and so did Mia Lily from American Girl Adventures!
I'm very excited! The 6th and final assignment is "all about you". I have a really great idea, and Brooke and I started working on it today. It will be semi-dramatic, haha. It will start out like this:
"Avery Voisin, who am I?" then it will go into "I am a friend" *picture* "I am unique" *picture* "I am a dreamer" *picture*, and you get the idea. I'll be in a different outfit and setting for each one. We're only using one picture per "what am I" statement, but we're taking a bunch of photos to choose from. Unfortunately, we only got one set of pictures done today. We were just starting to get in place for the 2nd set when Brooke stepped on a wasp (should've worn shoes!) She's icing her foot right now.
Wish us luck!
Edited to add:
Brooke was trying to win the new Damsels-in-Dress design, Pinstripes and Details, auction, but we lost. :( We're happy for the person who is receiving the dress, though! We bid a grand total of... 13 times, and was outbid by 2 cents. LOL! The dress went for $67.02, which is a lot for just a dress, so in a way Brooke is glad she didn't end up winning, because now she can save more for new dolls and other couture like the Melody Valerie fall line, Dollies Dressmaker, and Liberty Jane.


  1. Awesome! :-) Good luck!
    I hope Brooke's foot feels better! That just stinks that she stepped on a wasp. I hate those things!


  2. Congratulations Avery on making the top 3 in AGMA!!!! I am so very happy for you! :) Good luck!

    I hope Brooke's foot feels better! Wasp stings hurt awfully! I wish those things could just be wiped off the face of the Earth!


  3. Congrats. Your idea sounds great. I hope you win.

    As for Brooke, I hope her foot is okay. Ina has a deap fear of wasps and bees, so I can imagine how she feels.

    Wishing you luck

  4. Congrats! How wonderful!

    And thank you so much for all your comments and encouragment about my sewing! You are my biggest supporter and it means so much to me that you take the time and let me know you like what I do! (whew-long sentence!) So THANKS and *hugs*

  5. Ouch! I hope Brooke's foot heals soon, but congrats on making it to the top--I'm rooting for you!!


  6. Hi Avery!
    Thank you SO much for following and commenting! You look absolutely beautiful in that picture! Kind of like Jess even. Good luck, I'm cheering for you all the way :D

  7. Awesome! Good luck in the contest, Avery. I hope you win! :)


  8. I hope your foot is better soon Brooke! And your video turned out really good--hope you win! :)

  9. Hope your foot will get better Brooke! And congratulations on making to top three, Avery! Good luck!


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