Saturday, August 8, 2009


Brooke has been diligently filming us dolls. Yesterday she got Julie, Kaya, Emily, and Nicki photographed, their pictures uploaded to the computer, and edited on WMM. She also photographed Gia, but hasn't done anything else with her yet.
Here's a group picture that will be in the video, so I guess it's kind of a 'sneak peak'.

Real life interrupted filming yesterday, so today we were going to finish.
Well, the lighting stinks. Yesterday was absolutely perfect for outdoor pictures, but today it's storming and there's zero sun.
Most people know that you need some good sun/natural light for nice photos. The "camera flash of doom" makes dolls look kind of ugly... You have to be a really good photographer, and have a really great camera, to master taking pictures with a flash.

Brooke has nice craft light that has different brightnesses which works pretty well indoors in times like these. She burned her leg on it though (those things can get really hot!)

So, that's what we're working on today! It's not going to be great, I can tell already by the preview on WMM (Windows Movie Maker).

Sorry, not many new things are happening.

Brooke has been working with pain-in-the-butt Windows Movie Maker all day today. She's photographed, uploaded, and edited all the segments for Julie, Kaya, Emily, Nicki, Gia, Jasmine, Kit, Ivy, Marisol, and Sonali! We're 1/2 way done! WMM keeps freezing up, and she's had to restart that computer 3 times (looks like a 4th coming on!). We were hoping to have the video done yesterday, but more realistically by tomorrow or Monday night.



  1. Neat group picture! We utterly fail at taking group pictures because at least one of us is always traveling somewhere or seeking a beauty treatment or something. Like me!

    Looking forward to seeing the video.


  2. I love the group photo!!! ;-)



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