Saturday, August 15, 2009

The video!

It's finished. My labor of love.
Click HERE to view it on youtube.
If it says "unable to reach server", just play it, it should work except it will be kind of darkened.

It's basically all my dolls doing random things within a few seconds of stop motion video. I wasn't very creative, and was getting lazy towards the end, sorry!
This is basically what they're doing, in case you can't figure it out:
-Julie is walking
-Kaya is picking a flower and putting it in her hair
-Emily is playing with dolls/stuffed animals and waving
-Nicki is on stage dancing
-Gia is reading and eating a cookie
-Jasmine is walking Coconut
-Kit is at her desk packing up school supplies
-Ivy is brushing her hair and putting in a clip
-Marisol is dancing
-Sonali is listening to music
-Jess is sitting by the pond
-Felicity is getting her dress on (Don't worry, no doll nudity)
-Sierra is curtsying
-Nellie is waving
-Samantha and Lydia share a segment. They are hugging and holding hands.
-Ruthie is reading
-Mia is taking a picture of Licorice
-Avery is twirling
-Erin is riding her skateboard

It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. I guess I'm being hard on myself but Sonali's segment is all messed up. Somehow it repeated, and it wasn't supposed to. WMM was being a pain and kept freezing, and it messed up parts of my video (made it choppy and skipping some pictures). My pictures were bad quality, and my camera batteries were running low so I didn't take enough pictures to make everything look smooth. But oh well...
This video was basically a learning experience. I had a lot of fun with it, but I'm glad to get it done.



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