Monday, August 10, 2009

It's hot...

Us pathetic Michiganders have been living in dry, 70 degree temperatures. The past two days it's been a scorching 90 degrees, with full sun, and around 80% humidity. It's like torture. I think my vinyl is going to melt and I'll be reduced to a puddle of plastic on the ground.

I don't think much filming is going to get done today. It's very hot and miserable outside, and most likely real life will interrupt, again. Brooke's got to leave to do something with her family at 4:00, which she is dreading. So maybe Tuesday we'll get the video done. Or never.
Update: Brooke photographed Lissie's *large* stop motion segment for the video. She's try to get it uploaded and edited on WMM, but that stupid program is a pain. It freezes up, and when you try to open the movie file, it has to 'check project files' for like 30 minutes. WMM is very frustrating.



  1. "A scorching 90 degrees."
    Can I come live with you?
    Here, 90 degrees is pretty cool. We're lucky if the temp is below a hundred, much less 90. (: And I just came from Mexico, which, being closer to the Equator than Texas, is, well, hotter. But we were by the beach and swimming everyday, so I guess that sort of compensates for the temp.
    But now I'm back in TX, so.....
    Anyways, good luck with the filming! :)


  2. It's really hot here, too. I am pretty much doing things that involve water lately like the pool, sprinkler and even swimming in this lake (okay, it's really a pond but to me it's pretty huge) behind my house to cool off. ;-)

    Good luck on the filming!


  3. Where I live it is also hot. Sometimes we would have cold fronts in the morning, but then later in the afternoon it would get to 85 or 90 degrees outside! I hope you get to finish your video;)

  4. The weather's been like that in my part of Michigan, too! And our power went out today, so no fans or air conditioning. :-( Ick! I'm ready for fall!

  5. Aaaah! You're SO lucky that it's 90 degrees! Here, it can get up to 110 sometimes! But, anyway, I can't wait for the video! :)


  6. Haha I feel spoiled. Here it's like 75, a regular for MT. Kinda cold though, that's about ten below our usual. I feel like a weather man now though....LOL
    I'm way excited to see your video! The new dolls always seem to get spoiled, but Felicity deserves a long segment, she's really pretty. As are you ;) 25's are my favorite!


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