Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nicki in Melody Valerie

Nothing much has been going on lately. Very boring. School starts on the 8th, and I'm nervous and excited.
Brooke's been working non stop re-entering stuff in the computer. Us dolls haven't gotten much attention.

But today she re-curled Nicki's hair and took a few pictures of her in the Melody Valerie Couture dainty dots dress.
I think she looks really pretty! Sometimes I wish I had curly hair, but then I see what a pain it is to take care of and I like my plain, straight hair a little more.

We're watching Harry Potter movies tonight! These are the best books, and great movies, and I think Starr, Luna and Rose over at Roses Are Read would agree with me! (Rose Weasley, Luna who's namesake is Luna Lovegood)
Anyways, ABC Family is showing the 3rd and 4th movies today, and we might rent the 5th one.

Brooke's been obsessed with Harry Potter lately. She wants to make dolls that look like Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Cho, and Fleur. I wouldn't mind having these guys around, they seem like a lot of fun with all the magic, etc. I'd love to meet Fleur, since she is French and an amazing wizard.
But this probably will never happen, but it's a lot of fun to think about.

If you want to see more photos of Nicki (there's about 5 more from today) click here.


  1. Why don't you and your sisters just dress up as HP characters? That might be fun. I've often thought about dressing as Cho Chang or Romilda Vane myself. ;)


    P.S. I like our straight black hair better than curls, too! :)

  2. Yay for Harry Potter! :) Yeah, Luna is named after Luna Lovegood and Rose is supposed to be Ron & Hermione's daughter: in the epilogue they have a daughter named Rose! :)
    My friend has Emily, who looks exactly like Ginny Weasley! Her doll is Rose's cousin, Emily Ginny Weasley. :) The same friend has Nicki, renamed Hermione. Yes, we were both obessed with HP. :)

    BTW, Nicki looks adorable in MV! :D


  3. Wow! Nicki looks AMAZING! I LOVE her like this! :D

  4. Nicki looks very pretty! I like my curly hair but I sometimes wish it was straight because it is hard to take care of.
    Go Harry Potter!!! I love Harry Potter- they are the best books/movies ever. I didn't know Starr's Luna was named after Luna Lovegood. That's really cool!
    Great pictures ;-)


  5. WOW. Your Nicki pictures are fabulous. I'll have to curl Sonali's hair some time. I also love Harry Potter :)

  6. HP=My Life.
    I think that Nicki looks great in that dress. And, it would be funny to have Fleur around


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